A dance and gymnastics education will provide the foundation that students can use to excel in any artistic performance or sporting event.

At Bay Valley Academy, we offer professional instruction for both recreational and competitive students in both dance and gymnastics. We feel progress and personal athletic potential are best realized in a professional, safe, fun, and inspirational atmosphere. Not only are we creating wonderful young athletes, but we are helping to shape the minds and spirits of our future leaders.

As a team of instructors, we focus on:

    • Teaching all students who come into our program safe skills in both dance and gymnastics.
    • Helping each student achieve his or her potential through proper progressions.
    • Building self-esteem in each student through POSITIVE teaching and reinforcement.
    • Making sure that each student enjoys learning dance and gymnastics. IT MUST BE FUN!!

Recreational Summer Session Start Dates

(each session runs in two week blocks)

Session One: July 6th

Session Two: July 20th

Session Three: August 3rd


Early registration for next season continues through June 30th!!

Join us as we celebrate Year 40!!

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