Miss Jennifer Kennedy- After attending Western Michigan University for theatre and communications, Miss Jennifer performed throughout the country in numerous productions. Most notably, she was a cast member of the widely known Young Americans performance troupe. You will find her in the office or in the dance studio. Miss Jennifer, additionally, is the co-artistic director of the dance team. You might also find her performing in or choreographing local theatre productions.

Miss Holly Bills- ... also known as Grammy; Miss Holly opened Bay Valley Academy in 1976. Although she is now retired from competitive gymnastics and dance coaching, she is still seen and heard daily in the office, teaching preschool dance classes, or critiquing our team athletes. Miss Holly also choreographs and helps to produce many local theatre productions every year.

Miss Nanci Moore- When an unfortunate back problem forced her to turn down acceptance into Michigan State University's dance program, Miss Nanci threw herself into the art of coaching gymnastics and dance. Flash forward a few years, she is now in her 35th year of competitive gymnastics coaching. Miss Nanci has been voted the Michigan Optional Level Coach of the Year 3 different times. You will find her in the gym and dance studio with our advanced dance classes. She is the head gymnastics team coach and the co-artistic director of the dance team. She also instructs at gymnastics and dance clinics/camps, and choreographs many outside Floor and Beam routines throughout the state and country annually.

Miss Lisa- Miss Lisa coaches every competitive gymnastics level and teaches creative movement dance classes. She has worked at the studio every year since it was established. Together, Miss Nanci and Miss Lisa have produced many full athletic scholarship athletes and some of the top high-level gymnasts in the state of Michigan and Region 5 Gymnastics.


Alexis- Miss Nanci's daughter and a BVA alumna. A graduate of Oakland University, where she majored in Marketing and Dance, while minoring in management and public relations, Alexis is a 3-time National gymnastics champion and was a member of the Western Michigan University gymnastics team. Alexis is in charge of our social media marketing and promotion, works with our competitive gymnasts and dancers, choreographs competition and recital routines, runs our Big Sister/Little Sister program, and designs many of our costumes and apparel, in addition to instructing at gymnastics and dance clinics and camps.

Miss Jennifer- Once a BVA student, Miss Jennifer does it all and has been with us since the beginnning. She can be found in the dance studio teaching recreational classes, in the preschool room, teaching recreational gymnastics classes, working with our compulsory competitive gymnasts, and assisting with optional level Bar rotations. Her tough-loving personality is well received by all of her students.  

Miss Hayley- Once a BVA student. With a background of theatre and competition dance, she is found in the dance studio, pre-school room, and with our Pre-team and Pre-Competition classes. She is encouraging, passionate, and oh so loving.

Miss Stacy- A retired high-level gymnast who grew up in the tri-city area. She can be found working with our compulsory and recreational gymnastics students, and acro classes. Our boys love Miss Stacy, too! Her goofy yet calm demeanor is a great contribution to our staff!

Miss Ashley- A momma to two adorable BVA team members. Miss Ashley has a passive, yet encouraging, personality. She is super creative and hard working with our preschool and developmental students. She ensures that every holiday is celebrated, while focusing building fine motor skills.

Miss Dawn- Miss began teaching at BVA many years ago as her daughter was going through our program. She started teaching preschool classes and can now be found working with our Pre-team athletes, recreational gymnastics classes, and morning preschool tumbling students. Our babies love our patient and encouraging Miss Dawn.

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